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A Creative Team of Experts Dedicated
to Your Goals.

Our creative team consists of highly experienced designers at Leader Graphic Design and programmers from Interactive Twist who work together with a passionate and unyielding dedication to deliver thoughtfully conceived graphic solutions on every project.

Print and web design is where Leader Graphic Design and Interactive Twist excel. We have rapidly created scores of outstanding design solutions of all types and sizes to meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing marketplaces.

Mark Leader

Mark is a creative visionary with decades of experience that allows him to realistically evaluate projects and assign deadlines that some think are impossible, but he doesn’t promise what he can’t deliver. Mark has dedicated over 30 years to establishing a design team that continually raises the creative bar and is empowered to continue well into the future.

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Phone: (847) 564-5409   Ext: 107

Chris Bakker

Chris Joined LGD in 1994 as a print designer and illustrator. Chris however, doesn't put limits on his creative abilities and with a flourish he started pulling magnificently designed websites out of his Apple. He waved his magic wand and LGD, which was originally a graphic design studio, transformed into a full service print to web studio. By 2004 our success in web design lead us to open Interactive Twist (IT) LGD's web division. Chris still manages to magicaly walk in both print and web worlds maintaining seamless consistent interaction between both.

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Phone: 847-564-5409   Ext: 109

Susan Leader

Sounds brutal, but you have to be tough to work with your husband. Just kidding. Susan is the keeper of all things important, from payroll and checkbook to the invoices; she handles and tracks business operations; and she eventually shreds the confidential information and even not-so-confidential information, because “it’s just fun to shred.” Susan believes that to be successful, LGD/IT needs everyone’s opinions, suggestions and agreement to move forward. (Yup, married and working together over 30 years.)

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Phone: (847) 564-5409   Ext: 102

Jim Henson

Since 1996 Jim has been curing the marketing ills of our clients by prescribing brilliant solutions. He dissects each project with surgical precision, analyzing it before recommending a practical and successful solution. He constantly researches new programs and techniques to enhance what LGD does, translating into better, more creative marketing solutions. Jim’s unique business savvy aids him in diagnosing and providing the perfect antidote for any marketing project sent his way.

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Phone: (847) 564-5409   Ext: 110


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