History of LGD


Mark realized early in his career the satisfaction that comes when you see your client’s face light up the first time he sees your work. It’s that client delight that fuels creative minds. Today we continue to fuel creative minds by working one on one with you, producing exactly what will drive your business success. This one-on-one collaboration is the origin of our philosophy, and we never forget that your success is ours.

With over 30 years of history, LGD can actually reflect on the ‘80s, when it was faster for designers to use a drafting table than use the new Apple computer we had. Back then the World Wide Web was an untrusted entity that no one understood or used. Our most valuable lesson from the ‘80s was “back it up, then back it up again” and we still do.

In the ‘90s, programmers were designing websites and those first websites were awkward and ugly. Our clients wanted websites that looked as good as their printed marketing materials and coaxed us into website design. Our beautifully designed, functional websites took over and by 2004 Interactive Twist (IT) became our web division.

2014 brings increased design capabilities and software that keeps branding consistent across all print and electronic media platforms. We can now take that printed brochure or manual and make it interactive and available on your tablet or smart phone.

Since our humble beginning in 1982, we have weathered economic ups and downs, and we have seen the coolest technology come and then go. Our longevity is fueled by the input of everyone here. Whether incorporating the latest technology or maximizing operating efficiency, everyone has a voice in the decisions that take us to the future.

We create Elegant designs with Stunning visuals

The Leader Experience.

People who demand exceptional creativity, expertise and service from their designers have made Leader Graphic Design, Inc. their choice since 1982. Association and corporate clients alike choose us to turn ideas into visual reality. We deliver success by building client recognition with open communication to serve as a single source consultant and designer to exceed project objectives. The people throughout Leader Graphic Design, Inc. passionately uphold the company’s reputation for creativity, integrity, client service and teamwork. Every communication challenge your business faces is an opportunity for us to assist you in achieving your goals within your marketplace.

Our Philisophy

We believe that our clients are best served by direct access to our designers and programmers—a philosophy that has been the trademark of our success. One-on-one communication with our team members allows for an unparalleled understanding of the client’s goals, providing for more innovative solutions and a collaborative team experience.

Our dedication to this philosophy promotes the positive Leader Experience that leads to the successful completion of every project – on time and within budget. At Leader Graphic Design, your ideas become the visual reality you imagined. Each and every time.

Your success is ours


Corporate Identity







Every business needs a sightline that reveals a path to the future. Marketing defines that path with direction, ideas and methods to achieve goals. Marketing is a clear sightline from the here and now that allows everyone to rally towards a common objective.

Marketing includes hindsight, insight, and foresight. Hindsight takes a look at what worked and what didn’t. Insight is the discovery of what your customers want and who your competitors are. Foresight reveals a plan to grow, expand and build into the future.

Think of marketing as the bridge between your product or service and customers. We take a close look at everything that connects you to your customer, including how consistent your corporate image or branding is. Consistency is vital to building recognition and loyalty. Selling customers once is hard; selling them again and again is the key.

Whether you are executing an existing plan, reviewing your current marketing plan, or developing a new plan, the team here at Leader Graphic Design, Inc. and Interactive Twist will generate unique solutions that enhance your overall marketing direction. We can help you accomplish any and all facets of the marketing plan from layout and design, writing, photography and printing to creating or developing your identity and branding.

At LGD, our goal is to establish a long successful relationship with you. Your success is ours.


Corporate Identity

Corporate identity distinguishes one company from the next, a visual cue that helps establish the corporate personality and culture. It is the foundation of every business and imperative before any branding can take action. Corporate identity includes a logo and logo type that uniquely distinguishes one company from another, establishing consumer recognition, trust and a sense of belonging. Corporate identity becomes clearer as it manifests itself in the branding strategy.

Branding is an extension of the corporate identity and it makes a product or service relevant to the target audience. Successful branding delivers a clear, consistent message that builds credibility and creates loyalty. It illustrates what a company, service or product represents in the minds of potential customers while differentiating that company from its competition.

Whether we are working on a logo, ad, brochure, website, Facebook page or e-newsletter, we consistently take into consideration how your corporate identity and brand are presented – they need to work together to provide you with optimal representation.




At our first meeting, we gather information - we will delve into where you have been and where you want to be. We examine your existing marketing materials and discuss what worked and what didn't.


Research is the key to formulating a strategy that will inspire our direction. This direction will lead into logo development and the message that builds your brand awareness. As information is being collected, an outline of what media will best reach your target market is being assembled.


Armed with research and a strategy, we start creating. First we design multiple logo concepts, always in black and white. A logo developed in black and white allows for better consideration of the balance between positive and negative space. A logo design that is strong as a black and white image will be even stronger when color is added.




Quality writing adds valuable credibility to the marketing efforts of your business. A talented copywriter builds that credibility with every word because few things reflect as badly as hard-to-read, grammatically wrong or misspelled words in copy. Copywriters are the wordsmiths of their trade and while we do a considerable amount of writing in-house, we also have partnerships with independent writers, allowing us the flexibility to connect the best writer to the project.


If you have copy ready for us, it saves you time and money. But, in most cases, a fresh pair of eyes to read it will only make it better. Sure, it’s your business and no one knows it better than you. Writing about it should be a piece of cake, but it is challenging to put all that knowledge together cohesively. An editor takes existing copy and with a few strokes on the keyboard makes it more understandable and easier to read. Even the best writers need a second look.


It would seem that if you can read you should be able to proofread copy, but nothing could be further from reality. Most of us read so quickly, skimming each word, that we simply make corrections in our subconscious without even realizing it. Truth is, it’s hard to slow down. Double words, wrong words, copy inconsistencies, improper grammar, changes in tense and bad punctuation are problems found by proofreaders. Proofreaders are grammar fanatics and they are invaluable. Our copy is proofed first and any copy that has been extensively revised during the layout process needs to be proofed again. In the end the proofreader makes us all look good.




LGD’s experienced illustrators use sophisticated programs that are so in-depth they take years to master. Using super-sensitive drawing tablets, they can create everything from a delicate pencil stroke to an airbrush and anything in between. As amazing as these programs are, however, illustrators bring a mysterious something to the computer that can’t be taught. They simply see more than normal folks do and they know when nuances like lighting and reflections are exact, or need to be manipulated, or exaggerated. They bring an undefinable magic that brings a white page to life.

Life illustrators

Illustrators that feature people in their work see details in the world around them that most of us overlook, like someone wearing a lab coat. You and I don’t think about that consciously, but when we see an illustration like that, we immediately identify that person as a technician of some sort – just add a stethoscope and voila, a medical person. How they see the nuances of life around them makes the difference between a good illustrator and a great one.

Product illustrators

Product illustrators are a different breed altogether. They have a unique talent that allows them to convey complex concepts, visually making them more understandable. They show how things work, how they are put together, what the insides look like and how a conceptual idea will look when produced in the future. Whether it involves an engine, a building or a Lego instruction sheet, illustrators show how it works, how it goes together and how the finished idea will look.



Photographs are an essential part of visual communication. They capture and focus attention wherever they are, from magazine ads and websites to billboards. Photography delivers a message before words can; as soon as you see an image, you start to form an opinion as you are subtly directed to more information, usually in the form of text.

This is precisely why your business images need to be professionally captured. Quality photographs don’t just happen, they are planned. Subject matter and composition are studied in advance. Lighting, depth of field, and lens type are just a few of the considerations made before the button is pushed. A product shot relies on lighting, angle and whether the background is part of the shot or will be removed later. Building shots require attention to weather and time of day, and include changes in lens types, filters, and type of tripod – and after all that, sometimes the best shot is from the air. People shots, whether of an individual or a group, are unique to each project and especially sensitive to lighting and composition.

At the end of the day or shoot, it is the photo that is the difference between getting attention or pushing it away. Like bad grammar, bad photography is a negative reflection on your company, but great photography tells your story while building your business.

Using today's technology, the team at LGD can help enhance the impact of the photography you have or shoot the new photography you need.


When most of us think about publishing, we think of books, magazines or newspapers, when it actually encompasses all forms of written material - brochures, annual reports, technical manuals - and all their electronic counterparts.

The most recent evolution of publishing is electronic, but so much of what we do and how we do publications originates from our years of experience. LGD has the systems in place to track and check ads, articles, writers, photographers, and revisions, and we keep clients informed of the entire process.

Whether you decide on print, electronic or both, the work is in the planning, organizing and layout. Turning an existing print publication into an electronic one is doable, but designing the print and electronic versions simultaneously will not only make the electronic version better, it will act as an extension of the printed version, adding value to both versions.

Our expertise is not only in the creation of an elegant visual publication, but also in keeping track of all the parts and players. Our experience and organization makes it possible to stick to deadlines and budgets without sacrificing creativity. Let us show you the stunning possibilities.

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